I am just another pretty girl on the street. This is not a moment where he sees you and you become the love of his life. You are just another notch on the belt. Forget him.

You have the hands of an adventurer and you study the curves of my body as though I am a map. Never tiring and always delighted with what you find, I am your favorite place to explore. You spend an eternity searching me. You count my freckles as though they are the stars that light up the night sky. You light up my world. You take me with happiness following old paths to new beginnings. I said to you once, “take me away” and you smiled because you knew better. I wasn’t leaving. You were staying. You have the hands of an adventurer and your heart is mine.

You trace lazy circles on my legs as I sprawl on your lap. All I can think is don’t stop touching me. You hold me with your large warm hands and it feels like happiness. This moment. I want to keep it forever. We nap, we laugh, and you keep me close. Please don’t stop.

I think I have a problem with my friend losing her virginity to a guy she’s embarrassed to be around.


I don’t want you to be happy with someone else because I can’t be happy unless you’re with me and if we are both unhappy alone I’m happier than if it were just me.

I want to sleep with you. Just to be near you while I rest because you bring me peace that I’ve only known to come from God. I trust you to see me at my most vulnerable state and I don’t know why.

We walked and talked and I all wanted was the heat from your body to embrace mine.

I want you to love me. Is it really that hard?

I think I always knew you were in love with someone else.

With her.

I just wished that even for a moment you could look at me

With those eyes

Unconditionally and Irrevocably

adoring every inch of her being

Just for breathing

And I knew you would never be mine.

I look at us and know that we don’t match or fit perfectly together. But I think I like that even more than if we did. Uniquely wrong I’d fight forever to keep us together.